Icon speed and traffic enforcement

Speed and traffic enforcement

Automatic detection of various traffic violations and transfer data to back office. Control speeds of both oncoming and outgoing vehicles in up to four lanes. Onboard automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), evidence collection and data storage.

Icon in-vehicle traffic enforcement

In-vehicle traffic enforcement

Automatic detection of violation on reserved bus lanes. The system is installed in regular route vehicle and works fully automatic.

Icon ANPR cameras

ANPR cameras

Low-cost solution for automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and real time data transfer. Video surveillance and automatic vehicle classification.

Icon portable speed enforcement

Portable speed enforcement

Hand-held or tripod-based devices for speed measurement and violation evidence collection.

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Company SIMICON is leading Russian company which uses up-to-date technologies and solutions and developing the most advanced product for traffic safety.

Since foundation in 1991 the company offered many effective innovations for traffic control and speed enforcement. Having 28 years of experience of development and expansion in behind, SIMICON became a team of a hundred scientists and engineers, united and inspired by road-safety concept. Our technical support team is high professional and customer-oriented. And we are happy to offer our implemented innovative ideas, which allow you to meet the present-day challenges in the best way.

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