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Company SIMICON is leading Russian company which uses up-to-date technologies and solutions and developing the most advanced product for traffic safety.

Since foundation in 1991 the company offered many effective innovations for traffic control and speed enforcement. Having 26 years of experience of development and expansion in behind, SIMICON became a team of a hundred scientists and engineers, united and inspired by road-safety concept. Our technical support team is high professional and customer-oriented. And we are happy to offer our implemented innovative ideas, which allow you to meet the present-day challenges in the best way.

SIMICON develops its traffic and speed enforcement systems through all stages, from sketch till finished product, performing hardware and software design. Traffic control products have being improved step-by- step from the simple sensors up to complex automatic systems. Now we are providing wide range of systems accordingly to different requirements of local Authorities. Stationary and movable multitarget systems as well as point-to- point average speed and red-light control systems are available for very reasonable price.

Plenty of innovations were implemented by SIMICON the first in the industry. Some of SIMICON innovations have been waking up market demands and public interest. Since 2006 SIMICON is one of the main suppliers in mainstream projects, including The Russia Federal State Target Programs “ROAD SAFETY IMPROVEMENT”. Now it’s widely known that due to our devices and systems the road fatalities in Russia decreased by more than a third during last 10 years.

For now more than 6000 fixed and mobile automatic photo radar system installations were completed and are in operation in different regions of Russia. Several pilot projects are implemented in EU and Asian region. There are two thousand installations is completed just over recent years including several cost-beneficial Public Private Partnership projects.

The Quality Assurance System and high professional technical support team provide the basis for a success in the most complex projects.

SIMICON successfully entered international markets, expanding world-wide activity. Competitive ability of the newest products is confirmed by testing and Certificates from lead European and American laboratories and Institutes. The products are used in Canada, Poland, Croatia, Singapore, China, Latvia, Armenia, Egypt, Vietnam, Kenya and some other countries.

We use components of certain European and Asian brands, and we have more than 100 regional representatives and service centers in many countries around the world.

Company exhibition