PARKON-A with background



Installed on route vehicles

The «PARKON-A» system is designed for installation in route vehicles, ensuring mobile operation, photo and video evidence capturing for traffic violations and wireless data transmission to Police back-office.

Additionally the system may perform automatic vehicle search using the locally stored databases.

  • Fully automatic system operation
  • Capturing photo and video evidence for traffic violations
  • Neural network license plate recognition technology
  • Real time evidence data transfer
  • Detective search operations using the internal database

PARKON-A overview


PARKON-A design

The system consists of video camera, data processing unit and external GPS antenna.The equipment is mounted in the route vehicle (bus, tram or trolley-bus) for capturing the violations or in any other vehicle for participating in search operations.

The system setup is performed remotely viaWeb interface using the mobile computer or smartphone. Wireless Wi-Fi and secure 3G/4G connections are supported.


The «PARKON-A» system works in fully automatic mode without any input from vehicle driver or operator. Data Processing Unit performs the real time processing of video stream from camera, automatic license plate recognition and detection of traffic violators—the vehicles spotted in prohibited area.

PARKON-A example

Example of captured traffic violation
(movement on bus lane)

The photo evidence for each violation includes two general views of detected vehicle with different geographic coordinates and time, which serve as a proof of violation (movement in restricted area). Also the evidence includes the close-up photos of detected vehicle and its license plate.

A short video clip is stored for each detected violation which may be presented to the vehicle owner as an additional proof.


The «PARKON-A» system may be used as a vehicle search instrument with its license plate recognition and database search abilities:

  • Search for taxi cars with missing or outdated permits.
  • Search for debtors and tax dodgers.
  • Other vehicle search applications.

The system supports not only loading the external databases into its memory, but also creating the quick search database on the fly.

In search mode the notifications can be sent to mobile computer or smartphone connected to «PARKON-A» system via secure Wi-Fi channel. The data on vehicles found in database will be displayed to user in real time, automatically stored to internal storage, and then transmitted to Police Back Office.

On detection the vehicle in search database the sound tone is played and the license plate number is verbally announced.

PARKON-A database example

Example of database match on captured vehicle