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In 2004 the SIMICON Company developed one of the first photo radars in Russia, and also it was the very first photo radar installation in the country.

The mass production of SIMICON photo radars started in 2005. SIMICON Company has been supplying the Government of Russian Federation within the Governmental Federal Targeted Program "SAFE ROAD DURING 2006–2012" with its fixed and mobile automatic photo radar systems, which were implemented throughout the country.

Afterwards, the CORDON — new generation of SIMICON photo radar systems, was developed and went into mass production. This advanced system has already started the traffic enforcement on the territory of Russian Federation.

Being widely known in Russian Federation, SIMICON Company has successfully entered international markets, including Europe, CIS countries, North and South Americas, Asia, Africa and Middle East.

As of June 2014 the more than 4000 fixed and mobile automatic photo radar system installations were completed (see table below).

1 Canada    
2 Croatia  
3 Poland    
4 Uzbekistan    
Russian Federation
1 Republic of Altai    
2 Amur Region  
3 Arkhangelsk Region    
4 Belgorod Region
5 Bryansk Region    
6 Republic of Buryatia    
7 Volgograd Region
8 Vologda Region  
9 Voronezh Region
10 Republic of Daghestan  
11 Jewish Autonomous Region    
12 Ivanovo Region  
13 Republic of Ingushetia    
14 Kabardino-Balkarian Republic    
15 Kaliningrad Region  
16 Republic of Kalmykia    
17 Kaluga Region    
18 Republic of Karelia    
19 Kemerovo Region  
20 Kostroma Region    
21 Komi Republic    
22 Krasnodar Territory
23 Krasnoyarsk Territory  
24 Kurgan Region    
25 Kursk Region  
26 Saint Petersburg
27 Leningrad Region  
28 Lipetsk Region  
29 Republic of Mordovia  
30 Moscow    
31 Moscow Region  
32 Murmansk Region
33 Nenets Autonomous Area    
34 Nizhny Novgorod Region
35 Novgorod Region    
36 Novosibirsk Region    
37 Omsk Region
38 Orenburg Region
39 Orel Region  
40 Penza Region    
41 Perm Territory  
42 Primorye Territory  
43 Pskov Region    
44 Rostov Region
45 Ryazan Region    
46 Saratov Region    
47 Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)    
48 Sverdlovsk Region
49 Smolensk Region  
50 Tambov Region  
51 Republic of Tatarstan
52 Tver Region
53 Tomsk Region    
54 Tula Region  
55 Tyumen Region    
56 Ulyanovsk Region  
57 Khabarovsk Territory
58 Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area — Yugra
59 Chelyabinsk Region  
60 Chechen Republic    
61 Chuvash Republic    
62 Chukotka Autonomous Area    
63 Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area